Welp... I Guess I Just Figured Out What This Blog Is About...

I got some bad news today. Awhile back, the management company for the building I live in applied for a rent increase that goes above the legal limit, and, as these things usually are, it was approved, and so, my husband and I have now officially been priced out of our apartment. So, that's not super cool.

Lucky for me, in tragedy, I hope to have found my muse! The thing about starting a new blog is that sometimes you really don't know what direction you want to go with it. This blog has been sitting around for months, collecting virtual cobwebs, simply because I haven't known what to write about. Now, I think I do. I want to write about processes: Fresh starts, small gains (and losses), new beginnings, and growing the hell up. I want to write about simplifying: Budgeting, paring down, and consuming consciously, not conspicuously. And I want to write about finding satisfaction for oneself in a culture that promotes satisfaction as a byproduct of outdoing everyone else.

So, there you have it. That's my thesis statement.