A Note About Images

In the past, I've always been really hesitant about incorporating images on my blog. I feel nervous about making sure I give appropriate credit to people, so I end up not using pictures on my blogs at all. It can be difficult to source the original creators of images when you find them on sources like Tumblr or Pinterest. I really want to have pictures on Becca Does Stuff, though. 

So, here's what I'm resolving to do with this particular blog: For any image that seems "original", I will always, always try to link it back to its original source. If I can't figure out the original source, for whatever reason, I'll try to make that clear. For obvious promotional pictures (such as photos meant to advertise tv shows, for example), I'll just link back to Pinterest or whatever site I found them on. 

I hope this system works for everyone, and of course, if (when) I make mistakes with crediting my images, you can always leave me a comment to help me fix it. Cool beans? Cool beans. 

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