Some Goals for November...

Ugh. October. I don't even want to talk about it. It was such a write-off this year. Sad, because October is usually my favourite month. Life goes on, but I'm definitely in a slump right now, so I thought a list of November goals might help me get back on track.

1) Write more blog posts in November than I did in October. This won't be hard, since I only posted three entries throughout the entire month of October. I have a history of having a hard time keeping up with blogging, so this is going to be my trick: Each month, I'll try to write at least one post more than I did the month before, until I get into a good routine.

2) Get back into Instagram. I fell out of love with Instagram right around the time I moved to Toronto. I guess I just got too busy? Or I wasn't going out enough to have anything worth Instagramming? I don't know. But the time has come for me to revive my account, and get back in the habit of taking pictures.

3) Make my husband something nice for his birthday. I have such a bad habit of leaving birthday celebrations to the last minute. I always have the best of intentions but this year I want those ideas to actually come to fruition.

4) Bone up on product knowledge for work. Did I mention I'm being promoted?

5) Continue practising techniques to help get the dog over her separation anxiety problems. I love her, but she's driving me nuts.

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