I own too much.

Dear Blog,

Y'ever just get totally derailed by the monotony of your own life? I was on a good roll for awhile... then I got a touch o' the ol' skin cancer, and I had to have (very, very minor and superficial) surgery to have it whacked out of me. That being said, minor or not, it hurts to have somebody forcibly remove a large chunk of your flesh, so I needed some recovery from that. And so, all my little goals - work hard! get fit! get organized! - fell to the wayside.

Ah, but that was months ago now, and lately I'm feeling like it's time for me to (finally) get back on the horse and get some stuff done already. My main priority right now is getting things organized. Call it a late burst of Spring Cleaning, but... yeah. It's time for me to stop hoarding junk under the guise of it being a "collection".

I think I spend too much time acquiring things, and not enough time enjoying what's been acquired. Then, of course, I have nowhere to put said acquired things, and I get frustrated and sad because my apartment is so messy all the time. I need to spend some serious time figuring out what's really worth having, and just clear out all the rest.

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