The gay marriage debate.

Dear blog,

I see that, once again, America is debating (and voting on) the "issue" of gay marriage. It's difficult, as a Canadian, not to feel equal parts mirth and boredom. Not to trivialize the importance of people's rights, but I can't help but laugh, because this is ridiculous. Just let people who love each other get married, and let all married people have the same rights as other married people.

I think the world would be a better, happier place if we could stop qualifying things like "gay" marriage and "woman" doctors and stuff like that. It's just marriage. They're just doctors. Using those little qualifying phrases sets things apart as different, and, on the whole, people tend to equate different with bad. Different is the exact euphemism that people use when they want to say they don't like something, but they don't want to be hurtful about it.

Anyway. The whole "sanctity of marriage" thing pretty much went out the window when Britney Spears married that guy in Vegas or whatever, and then again, more recently, when Kim Kardashian stomped all over the sacred institution (ha!) with her pointy, pointy stiletto heels. My feeling is that, if "gay marriage" can't be legal, in the name of the sanctity of marriage, then divorce can't be legal, either. So, there you go, America. Fair's fair.

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