Dear blog,

What began life as a tiny, waxen bump on my shoulder has become a three-and-a-half inch long incision that burns as though the devil himself sliced into me with a ragged fingernail. Someday, it's going to be a badass scar, and I'm going to have a story to tell, but as for right now, I'm just going out of my head with boredom. See, my job is fairly physical in nature, involving lots of reaching and occasional carrying of heavy things; I was specifically instructed to avoid such activities for the next two weeks, lest I pop my stitches. I was going to try to muddle through, but my manager had the presence of mind to point out what a terrible idea that would have been, and tell me to take the next week or so off. And so, here we are. 

In hopes of not driving myself too far 'round the bend, I've come to make, that's right, a list. I need to do a little brainstorm of ways to keep myself occupied for the next week, living in a city where I don't know anybody, with a dog that howls madly whenever I try to leave the apartment, under the circumstance of not being able to move my left (and, also, dominant) arm very much. I can: 

+ Make some terrible drawings
+ Learn a bunch of new songs on my guitar and/or ukulele. 
+ Spend entire days at a time watching movies.
+ Watch the entire series run of Daria.
+ Listen to every song ever mentioned, no matter how fleetingly, by Stephen Thompson.
+ Read a bunch of books. 
+ Take the dog to the park for long, long stretches of time.
+ Listen to an iTunes U course.
+ Blog every single day (this is going to get dull, but challenge accepted). 

See you on day 2.

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