A list of my biggest regrets.

Dear blog,

I can't really think of much to say about my day. It was spent healing and shopping, and neither of those two activities is particularly interesting to talk about. Instead, I thought I'd create a list of my biggest regrets. Not in a mopey-sad kind of way, just for posterity. Why not?

I regret the following:

+ Not pursuing more of a maths/sciences track in high school. Not only would my career opportunities (probably) have been better, but I would have felt like a smarter human being in general.

+ Not paying attention to music throughout the better part of my 20s. Although, the upside of that is getting to rediscover my love of music now that I'm in my 30s.

+ Every single one of my tattoos. Tattoos are hideous! But I still intend to get more. They're hideous, but also kind of awesome, and honestly, who cares at this point?

+ Not travelling when I actually had the money to do it with.

+ Not getting out more. There's still time!

+ Getting a dog as soon as we did. Sorry, dog. You enrich life in many ways, but you also make it difficult!

+ Not keeping in touch with that one really rad English teacher that I loved.

And that's all I've got today. Remember, I said I'd try to blog every day that I'm off work while I heal from my minor surgery. I didn't say that I'd do a good job of it.

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