Must be wearing my extra-charming pants today...

Dear blog,

Today was a totally normal day, remarkable in only two ways, which I will describe to you now.

Way the first: Not to give too much away, but I work in a shop that requires me to prepare and serve hot beverages to people. Okay, it's tea. You're not going to be able to smoke me out if you know that I make people cups of tea for a living, so there you have it. Lots of places serve tea. Anyway, tonight at work, I was just wrapping things up with some customers when one of them whips out her business card, and starts talking to me in a conspiratorial tone of voice about how she's a recruiter for a shoe store, and if I'm ever looking for a second job or a total change of pace, etc., etc., etc. Kind of a lateral move, and I'm not really looking right now, but I have to admit that it's pretty flattering to have somebody walk into your workplace and then try to, like, poach you.

Way the second: Ever just get the feeling, when you're talking to somebody for the first time, that they really dig you? I was getting that feeling from a customer who came in today in search of some "hardcore oolong" (sidebar: AWESOME.). Said feeling was totally confirmed when I was walking through the mall a little while later, and I randomly noticed Mr. Hardcore Oolong, staring at me and smiling. D'awwwww! My inner circa 1995 Courtney Love is a little mad at me for caring, and is spewing some vitriol about "the male gaze" and all that, but let's just be real, it's nice when somebody notices you.

I actually feel like the universe has been throwing me some pretty major bones lately, in the form of small gestures, and, I kid you not, it actually has me feeling so happy that, at times, it physically hurts. I was sitting on the bus today, listening to some tunes, like you do, and my solar plexus just felt like it was on fire, as if my heart was spilling over with too much joy and love and contentedness. I'm sorry (I'm not sorry) if that sounds over the top, but this is not a feeling to which I am overly accustomed. Typically, I walk around in a bit of a self-punishing funk, just waiting for the other shoe to drop, as it inevitably does. So to have a small run of little things that are just good, and nice... it's very heartwarming, is all I'm trying to say.

I guess it just goes to show that the small actions we perform actually can go a long way in helping somebody else. Taking the time to craft a thoughtful response to an email, or share a song, or smile at somebody, can be all it takes to make a difference in someone's life. Like, a really, massively, measurably big difference. Who knew?

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