Another Sunday pick 'n mix: Music edition.

Dear blog, 

- When I was a teenager, I listened to music in such a different way. I think this is partly because I've grown out of that hormone-fuelled teenaged passion that makes you take music really personally between the ages of, say, 13 and 19 or so. I also think it's partly because we consume music in such a different way in 2013 than we did in 1993. I'm determined to start listening to music more closely again, maybe get back some of that teenaged passion I used to have, hormone-fuelled or not. 

- Tomorrow, we assassinate Phil Collins. I don't think I ever wrote about it here, but I have a weensy touch o' the skin cancer right now. Nothing life threatening, so to make it sound less capital-S Serious and Scary, I've taken to calling the tumour Phil Collins. Who can be afraid of Phil Collins? Either way, I'm looking forward to having it/him removed. Having cancer on your body feels gross in a way that I cannot begin to explain. 

- I spent the evening watching Dave Grohl's keynote address from this year's South By Southwest festival, and it made me feel the full spectrum of human emotions. I subsequently blasted my brain by playing In Utero at far too high a volume, an album that I haven't paid nearly enough attention to in the past decade or so. I remember back in high school, I had a teacher who thought I was pretty 'round the bend for crushing on Kurt Cobain several years after his death. Grown ups, amirite (says the 31 year old woman...)? Anyway, I'd forgotten how good it feels to let Kurt Cobain scream at you for an hour. I know of no better form of catharsis.  

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