I've decided to start a new collection.

Dear blog,

I've decided that I'm going to start a new collection. From this day forward, any time I'm out thrift shopping, I'm going to keep a keen eye out for old I.D. bracelets engraved with the names of people I do not know.

I already have a bit of a soft spot for pre-owned jewellery. One of my favourite rings is something I picked up at Value Village. A silver ring carved in the shape of a rose, I wonder about its previous owner every time I put it on. How old was she? Was it something she bought herself and just grew out of, or was it a gift from an ex? Maybe she died and nobody in her family wanted it.

I'm not sure why I do this for people's old jewellery, but not for, like, their old pants.

Anyway. Etsy actually has some pretty rad vintage I.D. bracelets (including an ornate, silver and blue one that reads "Maxine") for not very many Canadian dollars, but I can't decide if that would take away that "thrill of the hunt" element. My favourite pieces in any of my various collections are always ones that I've found unexpectedly.

And that's all I have to say about that!

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