A bit of a Sunday pick-n-mix...

Dear blog,

There's no unifying thread between any of these thoughts. I just felt like jotting 'em down. Why not here?

+ I am trying to figure out if I believe in karma or not. After a particularly crummy, no-good, terrible, awful work day yesterday, I came to the conclusion that either karma cannot possibly be real, or else I am paying off one hell of a debt from my past life. But then a string of really nice things happened, including my receipt of a beautifully well-timed (and unexpected) email that put a bright little smile on this dour face of mine. So, I don't know. Is that the universe calling itself out on its own low blows and doing me a solid to make up for it, or just a coincidence?

+ I finally -- finally -- got around to watching Life In A Day on Netflix. I am soooo behind on this one. I mean, obviously. It came out in, what, 2011? I wasn't sure at first. It all seemed a bit heavy handed and melodramatic in the early scenes. I mean, ugh, that score for the first 10 or 15 minutes? I wanted to scream, STOP TRYING TO EVOKE MY EMOTIONS, YOUTUBE!! But I didn't want to disturb my husband, with whom I was watching the movie, so I refrained. Of course, the music eventually changed, and soon enough, I found myself fully engaged with these people. All things considered, it served as a lovely reminder that there are nice, well-meaning people out there in the world. And some beautiful places, too. Ohhhh, gosh. I really have to get over this "deathly fear of flying" thing, and find the wherewithal (and the money) to do some travelling.

+ Sometimes my husband and I have rap battles when there's nothing better to do. We recently discovered karaoke tracks on YouTube, and Friday nights will never be the same because of it.

+ Daylight Savings Time always leaves me feeling vaguely jet-lagged. My brain knows that it's midnight and I should be sleeping, but my body is telling me that it's only eleven and what am I, an old lady?

+ I'm feeling an itch to read some books and see some movies and hear some music that I can really throw myself into, but I just don't know where to begin. Is there any feeling more helpless than that? World, you have some good stuff in you. Where to start??

+ Just hurry up and hit the big screen already, Before Midnight.

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