You wanna know why Community is so terrible this season? I'll tell ya why...

Dear blog,

A lot of people are bellyaching over the current (and, let's face it, final) season of Community.  I really didn't want to be one of those people. I wanted to keep an open mind! I wanted to look at Dan Harmon as a figurehead, and wish him well in his future endeavours, but not allow his departure to taint my opinion of the show itself.

The main criticism that I've seen levied at this season is simply that "it's not funny". Disagree. I'm laughing plenty. But I'm not appreciating it the way that I used to, and here's the reason why: Community used to be a tv show that was largely about tv shows. Community brought the word "meta" to the forefront of everyone's mind, and it was great. But then it became too self-aware. See, the problem is that, this season, the writers aren't content to just make the jokes, and the references, and trust their audience to figure it out. They've been spelling it out for us, as if to say, "SEE WHAT I DID THERE?" after every punchline.

The thing that I liked about Community was not just that it was timely, but also that it was smart. Now, it might as well be any other pandering sitcom.

All of my favourite shows are dropping like flies. First, New Girl got... really stupid. And, let's face it, the bar wasn't set too terribly high to begin with, so... Anyway, then Community bit the dust, and now Girls is due to air its season finale pretty much any minute now. What will I watch?? How will I waste my time?? God, I might have to actually read a book or something.

Ha ha, who am I kidding? I can put off reading pretty much indefinitely, so long as I have you, internet.    

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